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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Screenshot I did

Hi it's me again!! Tooty still looks the same from when I screenshot him. But his mum said he grew fatter. The fatter, the better to cuddle right?

Anyway I missed you alot dear. And I miss being us. I love you b!

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Time is never enough

I heard they ain't called lines but spokes. I feel so stupid!!

Anyway the MSTs are coming up and Tooty has 5 papers while I only have 1 paper, like shiok only. But our luck will change when it's the end of the semester FML. Okay I just want to update some nonsense here because this blog has been so so so dead since school started because he has no time to type shit here ahaha.

This is a dead Tooty after climbing Mount Faber. We both died while we saw older people going up and down and they like look damn shiok.

I miss taking photos with you dear dear! But then next time you must not hide behind me okay Tooty otherwise I look even fatter hahahah. I love you <3

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Stefan is building a wheel now. I heard the lines are crooked.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Havent blogged in ages!!

Haha well, school has started.
timetable isn't all that bad.
I sorta dont have to go to school on Mondays and Fridays! =D
But i'll still turn up every other week or something cause I wanna try to not screw up my grades..
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are shit.
Starts at like 9 or 11 and ends at 4 or 5.

I think i'm still in the holiday mood haha.
But who's not?

I really miss the holidays cause then my daily routine revolves only around tooty and my bike! (mostly!)
Haha but tooty and I still see each other almost everyday although school has started =)
So I don't think having a holiday makes any difference!

And tooty and I ate at Seoul Garden twice in a week!
Haha I don't know how we achieved that but we did! =D
I think we just eat whenever we're bored and have absolutely nothing to do.
We skipped school on Monday just to eat at Seoul Garden >.<
Went to Bugis after that to shop for clothes and shoes.
Tooty bought a pair of shoes and a few tops while I bought a really nice shirt!!

Anyway tooty and I have been together for 6 months going on 7!
She always remembers to feed me on time, make me do stuff that I'm supposed to do but am just lazy to do it, scrub me when I'm dirty, cheer me up when I'm sad, give me plenty of random hugs and kisses, give in to me (sometimes), accompany me wherever I go, etc etc.. Yeah you get the idea =)

I love tooty loads!! <3
And we're going out tomorrow too but we're not sure where to go though..
Singpore's just too damn small..
But anywhere's fine right tooty? =)

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hello everyone, it's GOOD FRIDAY :)

So I've decided to post up the photos that my Tooty took when he was riding because he didn't update his blog for quite some time already. Enjoy and spot my Tooty if you can :)

Tooty is riding now. I love him so much <3

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tooty bought clothes for me from genting!! <3 <3 <3
What a sweet tooty!! =)
She bought me a mint green shirt and a light grey shirt!

Sunday wasnt a very good day for me..

Tooty came over on Monday morning! =D
And I finally cut my hair too after tooty's persistent nagging!
Haha joking, tooty doesnt nag at all =)
But its like damn short now >.<
A lot shorter than last time and my head feels a lot lighter!!
This means that I should be able to get more air on my bike now =)

And I think everyone prefers me with short hair..
Tooty, tooty's mum, my mum, my dad and all my friends think so..
Oh well I'll get a pic when I have it haha..

Sushi with tooty and her friends yesterday!!
Haha the same place that tooty and i had our buffet last week lol.
but this time we didnt fail cause tooty and i ate a lot =)
Plus tooty's friends are hilarious..
I think laughing makes you digest your food faster..
And thats why we all ate more lol..

I still dont like sashimi..
Its like raw and slimy and raw..

Left for work at 4.40.
Reached kaki bukit at like 5.45.
Just nice =)
Work was fine.
Not many customers yesterday haha

Work ended at like 9.45.
Wanted to take bus 15 to tooty's place to surprise her!!
But while I was on the bus tooty said that she was already at kembangan..
Fail right..

But tooty took the train all the way back to eunos just to wait for me so we can go home together!! <3

By the way tooty claims that fruit flies grow from bacteria and that mushrooms are actually plants =)

Fuck.. My pictures wont get uploaded.. stupid blogger..

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Working at the IT fair was great but tiring!
I think doing sales isnt that bad as long as you really try to approach people.
But I think think doing sales is all about scamming people..
Sometime its not really what the customers are looking for, but for the sake of the comission and all that shit, you have to persuade the customer that that is actually what they're after..
Oh well..

Tooty kept coming to my booth to look for me at random intervals!
So sweet of her right =D
But i couldnt really entertain her cause I had to deal with customers and all..
Plus my boss gives me that weird look whenever tooty comes find me..
Haha sorry tooty!!
But I appreciate it much ok!! <3
Cause it's really nice to see someone you love after handling customers that mostly try to piss you off with stupid questions and all that..

I did went to tooty's booth to find her too!!
Except that there were a few time where tooty wasnt there =(

And tooty and I went to work and went back together everyday too!! =)
See, the joys of working together and staying relatively near to each other =D

I think tooty and I are getting fat =(
We keep eating and eating and eating..
Plus we've both got this slurpee fetish now!!!
And we keep buying slurpee..
Haha we promised each other to gym and swim during the holidays but we havent done any of that yet >.<
How dear dear how??
But at least we DID excercise a bit right =)

Tooty came over to my place on Monday.
We were supposed to go swim or gym but we were too tired form the IT fair shit..
So we just lazed around doing nothing =)
And we were too lazy to get out to buy food so we decided to call canadian pizza!
Haha we ordered two extra large ones =D
But the pizzas werent that nice cause they were too squishy =(
Tooty is squishy too but I love her loads! <3

Then we went for some sushi buffet at orchard on tuesday!
Haha the food ther was better than sakae although their unagi wasnt that nice.
But there was a lot of varieties!
Too bad tooty and i didnt eat a lot that day..
Dunno why..
Haha we planned to stay from 12 to 5.30 but we left at 1 plus cause we were already exploding..

Walked to plaza sing after that.
We bought ourselves a new tent cause we destroyed the old tent!
Haha hope the new tent will last cause it cost like 50 bucks >.<
But we're paying with the tooty fund! =)
Took the MRt back to pasir ris after that and went to pasir ris park to camp!
I love camping with tooty!
Haha plus our new tent rocks cause there's plenty of ventilation right dear! =)

Tooty's in Genting now.
She took that bus there at about 10 yesterday night.
Poor love love didnt want to go but her parentd dragged her along =(
And tooty's not feeling well too!

Tooty reached Genting at about 4am today.
Woke up at 4.30 to see if tooty was online!
And she was! <3
So we webcammed till about 5.30am before I went back to sleep.
I miss tooty already although I didnt see her for like 2 days only..
I need my squishy! =(

It's okay I'll wait for tooty online tonight so I can webcam with her again! =)
Come online quick dear dear!! <3

It's like raining now..
Damn it..
I wanted to go ride..
Stupid whether..
Stupid rain..
Stupid clouds..
Hope everything dries up soon cause I dont wanna waste my entire day not riding =(

And I still cant wait to see tooty tonight!!
I love you tooty!! <3 <3 <3

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